Mossy Ridge Construction
Project Name
Old Smyrna Estate
Nashville, Tennessee

Old Smyrna

A masterpiece of traditional charm fused with modern eco-friendly design, proudly presented by Mossy Ridge Construction in the heart of Nashville, TN. This estate is a harmonious blend of classic elegance and contemporary sustainability, embodying our commitment to environmentally responsible building practices. The Old Smyrna Estate is a true testament to our dedication to preserving the beauty of tradition while embracing the advancements of modern eco-design. Each element of this estate has been thoughtfully chosen to ensure a minimal environmental footprint without compromising on luxury and comfort. The home features timeless architectural details, enriched with modern amenities and energy-efficient solutions, creating a living space that is both luxurious and kind to the earth. From the use of renewable materials to the integration of state-of-the-art green technologies, the Old Smyrna Estate is an epitome of sustainable living in Nashville. It's a perfect sanctuary for those who value the elegance of traditional design coupled with the advancements of modern sustainability. Discover the charm and sophistication of the Old Smyrna Estate, where every corner tells a story of heritage meeting innovation.

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