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About Mossy Ridge

Elegance Meets Innovation: At Mossy Ridge, we bring your dream home to life with customized designs that encapsulate both modern luxury and timeless beauty. 

Building a Greener Tomorrow: Each Mossy Ridge project is an embodiment of eco-friendly practices, ensuring that your home contributes to a healthier planet.

Unwavering Excellence in Every Detail: Our commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of our work, from the foundational structures to the finest finishes.

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Kingston Springs Modern

High Performance Sustainability

Kinsgston Springs Interior Design of open floor plan that boosts natural lighting and sustainable features in this Mossy Ridge modern home design built in Nashville, TN

Nestled in the heart of Nashville, Mossy Ridge is redefining luxury with a green twist. As pioneering high-performance home builders, we specialize in crafting custom homes that are not just beautiful and tailored to your dream specifications, but also environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.


Our Commitment to High Performance and Sustainability: At Mossy Ridge, we believe in building homes that harmonize with nature without compromising on modern luxuries. Our commitment to high-performance building means we go beyond the standard practices to ensure that your home is a beacon of sustainability and efficiency.


Our Services

Planning & Design

Planning & Design

Transforming Visions into Blueprints. Our meticulous planning and design process ensures that every aspect of your dream home is tailored to meet your unique vision and lifestyle.

Construction & Building

Construction & Building

Excellence in Execution. Our skilled team combines sustainable building practices with superior craftsmanship to construct homes that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also enduring and eco-friendly.

Interior Design & Decor

Interior Design & Decor

We collaborate with the top interior design professionals in Nashville, TN to bring your interior spaces to life. Our approach ensures a more predictable timeline while ensuring that every environment we create not only resonates with your personal taste but also aligns with your values.

Mossy Ridge

Design Smart Build Strong Live Well

Our homes are built to last for generations. We ensure that every Mossy Ridge home is a legacy, standing the test of time in both design and functionality. The efficiency and sustainability of our homes mean that they continue to be valuable assets for years to come.

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Building Process

Home Dream

Share your dreams and ideas with us, and let's explore the possibilities together, turning your vision into an actionable plan.


Design & Develop

Early collaboration is key – our expert team works hand-in-hand with top-notch architectural design professionals. From the initial plans to material selection, we join forces on your building project, ensuring every aspect aligns with your expectations and meets our strict performance standards


Build & Beautify

Watch as your dream takes shape. Our skilled craftsmen and builders work diligently to construct your home, prioritizing quality and eco-friendliness at every step, while keeping you informed and involved.



Step into the reality of your dream. As the keys are handed over, embark on a new chapter in a home that's built not just to meet your needs, but to exceed them in comfort, luxury, and harmony. This is where the house becomes a home.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you specialize in eco-friendly building and custom home construction? Our expertise spans both realms – eco-friendly practices and bespoke home construction. We merge sustainable methods with tailor-made, high-quality craftsmanship to meet our clients' diverse needs in Nashville.

What exactly is sustainable building? Sustainable building is our approach of integrating cutting-edge construction technologies to create homes that are not just environmentally friendly but also superior in efficiency and longevity, setting them apart from standard construction.

Is it more expensive to build sustainably? The initial costs might be higher than standard construction, but sustainable homes offer significantly lower energy expenses. Over time, this results in overall cost savings, making it a financially sound choice.

How does custom-building enhance my home? A custom-built home is a reflection of your personal style and needs, crafted with your unique preferences and lifestyle in mind. This bespoke approach transforms a house into your home, distinct in every aspect.

What renovation services do you offer? At Mossy Ridge, our renovation expertise includes historic restorations, eco-friendly conversions, extensive additions, as well as kitchen and bathroom remodels, among other home enhancements.

Do you offer warranties for the homes you build? Yes, we provide a comprehensive 12-month builder’s warranty for all our homes, ensuring peace of mind and quality assurance.

Can Mossy Ridge assist in finding a suitable lot? Absolutely, we offer full support in selecting the perfect property, including assistance in choosing the right realtor, to ensure that your home's location matches its quality.

How are subcontractors selected for my project? Mossy Ridge has a stringent policy of handpicking each contractor. We collaborate with a network of skilled contractors whose excellence in building aligns with our high standards, guaranteeing top-tier results for every project.

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