About Mossy Ridge

Mark Fenelon, the founder of Mossy Ridge Construction, was inspired by his teenage memories of running in Nashville's picturesque Percy Warner Park when naming his company. This choice reflects his deep connection to Nashville's natural landscapes and his commitment to preserving them.

Mark initially studied biology, intending to make a career in science. However, he soon realized that a life in the lab wasn't for him. His scientific background, though, didn't go to waste. It became the foundation for his expertise in "green" building, a complex field requiring a deep understanding of many elements of sustainable construction.

Founded in 2003, Mossy Ridge Construction brings over two decades of expertise in creating homes that are as environmentally responsible as they are architecturally impressive. Our approach is thorough, combining LEED-certified standards with a collaborative design process involving clients, architects, and designers. This ensures that every home we build is not only a haven of sustainability but also a marvel in design and quality.

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These articles showcase how Mossy Ridge, with its two decades of experience, is redefining luxury home building in Nashville, blending environmental stewardship with unparalleled quality and design.

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Belle Park

High Performance Building

At Mossy Ridge, we take pride in being one of the first green home builders in Nashville, setting a benchmark in sustainable living with our pioneering efforts in high performance homes. Our journey began with a vision to transform home building into an eco-friendly art, blending modern aesthetics with science of  environmental building. As the creators of some of Nashville’s first LEED-certified homes, we have been at the forefront of introducing sustainable building practices to the region, paving the way for a future where green living is the norm, not the exception.


Our reputation as an award-winning builder is rooted in our deep understanding and passion for high-performance building. We believe that a home is more than just a structure. It’s a haven that should nurture and sustain life. This belief drives us to continuously innovate and implement the latest advancements in building science. Our homes are designed not only to meet but exceed energy efficiency standards, ensuring that each Mossy Ridge home is a testament to our commitment to excellence and sustainability.


In Nashville’s dynamic landscape, Mossy Ridge stands as a leader in home building science. We understand the unique climatic and cultural nuances of the area, allowing us to tailor our high-performance building techniques to suit local needs. Our approach involves meticulous planning and the use of advanced materials and technologies, resulting in homes that are not only beautiful but also resilient and energy-efficient. As we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in green home construction, our goal remains steadfast: Design Smart, Build Strong, Live Well

Sustainable Building

Sustainable building is a method that takes into account every detail of how a home is built. It uses the newest construction technologies to create homes that are stronger and more efficient than standard homes, lasting longer and performing better.

Here's how Mossy Ridge Construction builds a home with sustainability in mind:

  1. Smart Design:

    • Right from the start, we focus on designing homes thoughtfully to minimize their environmental impact. This means considering every aspect of the design to ensure it's as eco-friendly as possible.
  2. Efficient Construction:

    • Our construction methods are designed to keep homes tightly sealed, reducing air leakage. This makes our homes more energy-efficient, saving you money and keeping you comfortable.
  1. Better Indoor Air Quality:

    • We carefully choose materials and systems that reduce pollutants inside your home. This includes everything from the air purifiers we install to the ventilation systems, all aimed at ensuring the air you breathe indoors is clean and healthy.
  1. Energy-Saving Technologies:

    • Our homes are equipped with the latest in energy-saving technology. This helps to lower the amount of energy your home uses, reducing utility bills and your environmental footprint.
  1. Responsible Resource Use:

    • We plan and design our homes to use resources responsibly. This not only reduces the impact on the environment but also ensures that our homes are sustainable for future generations, benefiting not just the homeowner but also the community and the planet.

Each of these steps shows our commitment to building homes that aren’t just places to live, but are also part of a larger effort to care for our environment.

Thermal Bridging

Image of a high performace home with thermal bridging protection by Mossy Ridge

Thermal bridging is a process where heat passes through the less insulated parts of a building’s structure, leading to energy loss. Effectively managing this is key to enhancing a home’s energy efficiency. At Mossy Ridge, we address thermal bridging by using Insulated Zip panels that offer robust insulation solutions. For projects with a tighter budget, we’re the first in the south to use T-studs, which work to reduce bridging on the interior of the homes thermal envelope. T-studs are specially designed to minimize thermal bridging within the interior of a home’s thermal envelope, providing an effective balance between affordability and thermal efficiency.


Innovative and efficient, the Insulated Zip shell represents a significant advancement in building technology, particularly in its ability to stop thermal bridging. This cutting-edge shell system is meticulously designed to provide continuous insulation over the entire exterior of a structure, effectively eliminating the weak points where heat typically escapes, known as thermal bridges. By wrapping the building in a cohesive insulative layer, the Insulated Zip shell ensures that both cold and heat are uniformly kept at bay, leading to markedly improved energy efficiency.


This translates into not only a significant reduction in energy costs but also enhances the overall comfort within the living spaces. The Insulated Zip shell’s integration into building design aligns perfectly with our sustainable construction practices, reinforcing efforts towards environmental responsibility by reducing the building’s carbon footprint. Its application is a testament to modern engineering’s capability to marry eco-friendliness with functional, cost-effective solutions. This is one of the many reasons we are Nashville’s premier Eco-Friendly home builder.