Lynnbrook Home

Lynbrook Project by Mossy Ridge Construction, a stunning example of traditional architecture blended with modern, eco-friendly design, situated in the heart of Nashville. This exquisite home showcases our commitment to sustainable building practices, featuring energy-efficient solutions and environmentally responsible materials. The centerpiece of the Lynbrook Project is its magnificent indoor pool. 

Designed to provide the perfect balance between classic charm and contemporary eco-consciousness, the Lynbrook home is a testament to our expertise in crafting spaces that respect the environment while delivering uncompromised elegance. From the thoughtfully selected, sustainable building materials to the advanced energy-efficient systems, every aspect of this home reflects our dedication to green living. The indoor pool area, with its sophisticated design and state-of-the-art filtration system, exemplifies this commitment, ensuring a healthy and environmentally friendly aquatic experience.

The Lynbrook Project stands as a symbol of Mossy Ridge Construction's ability to create homes that not only exude traditional beauty but also embrace the future of sustainable living. It's an ideal choice for those who value the timeless appeal of a traditional home, yet seek the advancements and benefits of eco-friendly design and construction.

Company : Mossy Ridge Construction LLC

Project Name : Lynbrook

Location : Nashville, TN